Do Athletes Deserve Better Pay than the Average Person?


Cardinal Chronicle

An image drawn by Emily Kopinetz.

Emily Kopinetz, Staffer

In the world there are 821 occupations that someone can choose to pursue for the rest of their life. On average people make $51,000-$300,000 a year but professional athletes make between $2.1-$6.5 million. How come a doctor, lawyer, or even a teacher make less than an athlete? People who save our lives, help us, and teach us only make a small amount. 

For instance, a doctor could be in a 17 hour surgery and save the patient’s life and still have other surgeries and patients to take care of. After doing all of that, they will only make about 2.5% of what pro athletes make. A pro athlete plays 3-6 games a week for 2-4 hours and make millions of dollars. I don’t see that as being fair at all. Some people maybe working two jobs, 16-20 hours a day just to make ends meet. 

I’m not saying pro sports need to go away or their publicity be downgraded,  but I do think their pay should be changed. People shouldn’t have to work two jobs just to make payments or just to provide for their family. People don’t need to make that much money because they will just spend it on unnecessary and unneeded items. These athletes worked hard to get where they are today,  but they don’t have to make that much more than someone working 20 hours a week, 7 days a week.