The Sinner (Season 2)

Julian Walker sentanced with two cased of murder finds the real reason he was taken.

Elektra Mease, Staffer

As some may know the show series The Sinner, first started in 2017. The whole show currently includes 16 episodes of mystery. Each season has 8 episodes to watch. In the first season, it doesn’t really have a lot to offer, but the second season pulls you into the story line more.The second season, which I believe is better, came to Netflix in 2019.

It starts off as a little family going on a “vacation” to Niagara Falls which was 11 year old Julian’s wish and then their car breaks down. They go to the nearest motel and the next morning, Julian  kills his parents. As it turns out, they were not his parents, he was living in a community home where they have their own cult.

The plot always changes and you never know what really happens until the end of the season. It’s a great show to watch if you love mysteries and horror.