An Overview of Polyphia’s Music

Bryce Delp, Staffer

Polyphia is a 4-piece band commonly associated with progressive rock, math rock, and progressive metal (in their early days). The group currently consists of Clay Aeschliman on drums, Clay Gober on bass, and Timothy Henson playing guitar alongside fellow guitarist Scott LePage. The band has no vocalist, but can express themselves equally well through their instruments. No member of the band is under-utilized, but their songs are mainly guitar-driven. Their production value is great, so hearing each individual instrument is a non-issue, unlike many other bands who may have the bass buried beneath the drum and guitar tracks for example.

The first thing I noticed when listening to Polyphia’s song “G.O.A.T.” was Timothy Henson’s groovy and melodic playing, which I thought was very refreshing in a scene that is oversaturated with basic power chords. When the rest of the band joined in, I was blown away. Aeschliman’s technical drumming never had a dull moment, Gober’s basslines were as active and solid as the guitars, and LePage had some excellent harmonies with Henson. After hearing this display of raw talent, I had to have more. I next listened to “Champagne,” off of their debut album Muse. This track offers tons of great harmonizations from both guitarists, as well as a guest solo from fellow rocker Nick Johnson. The final track that I’ll reference is (quite fittingly) named “Finale,” also off of Muse. This song, my personal favorite out of those I’ve mentioned, features solos that utilize their guitars’ tremolo bar with sections of lightning fast sweep picking that can satisfy those who prefer a melodic style as well as those who enjoy pure shredding.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this band. They demonstrate great artistry and have a sound that a wide variety of people can enjoy. I 100% recommend this group to anyone who has an interest in instrumental music. I give them a 5/5.