Restaurant Review: O`Neals Pub


Nakiya Sholly

O’Neals Pub on 112 S. Tulpehocken St. Pine Grove, PA 17963 United States.

Nakiya Sholly, Staffer

O`Neals Pub is a restaurant located right in the middle of Pine Grove, about 4 doors down from Turkey Hill. O’Neal’s is an Irish pub, so the inside is Irish themed. When you first walk in, there are tables and the bar that you can sit at, but you also have the choice to sit at a booth or table in the back for a more restaurant feel. 

O`Neals Pub serves more handheld foods than it would at a sit down restaurant. Their menu ranges from appetizers, quesadillas, handhelds, wings, salads, entrees, and much more delicious food. They have many options to choose from.  My favorite thing to get is a chicken bacon ranch quesadilla with a side of pub fries. The quesadilla comes with sour cream and salsa to dip it in and it tastes amazing. The pub fries come with O’Neals pub sauce and ranch, which I highly recommend. Another thing I sometimes get are their wings. I personally think they have some of the best wings in Pine Grove. 

In my opinion, their food and service is very good. I highly recommend going there even if it’s just for take-out. The workers are very nice and helpful. The prices aren’t too expensive, they are very reasonable for how good the food is. I feel that they only need to change the size of the meals. Some things come with a lot of food, whereas other things come with a very little amount. I give them 4.7 out of 5 stars.