Review: Tay Keith Crispy Chicken Sandwich


Brandon Unger

A photograph of the new Tay Keith Sandwich from McDonald’s.

Brandon Unger, Staffer

There is a new sandwich on the menu at McDonalds. The new sandwich is a crispy chicken sandwich with spicy peppercorn sauce and is a collaboration meal with music producer Tay Keith.  McDonald’s has been doing meals with celebrities for a while now. The chicken sandwich comes with a crispy chicken patty, a potato roll bun, spicy peppercorn sauce and crinkle cut pickles. The sandwich has 530 calories and a price of $4.39.

The sandwich had a merchandise drop to come with it. For an additional $5.00, the public could purchase a Tay Keith sweatshirt and 7 inch vinyl record with Tay Keith’s McDonald’s song on it. The merch drop was extremely limited and not many people knew about it.  Limited, in the fact that the Pine Grove McDonald’s didn’t even know about the  meal let alone the additional merchandise.  Currently, the vinyls are going for over $40.00 on resale websites and hoodies are upwards of $100.00.

My opinion on the sandwich was it was better than I expected-flavorful, a little bit of a kick to the peppercorn sauce and crispy, yet surprisingly juicy. I feel it’s a knock-off of Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Out of all the items on McDonald’s menu, I personally, would not purchase this sandwich again. I’m more of a McNugget kind of guy. I would rate the Tay Keith Crispy Chicken Sandwich a 3 out of 5 stars.