Show Review: Outer Banks Season 1


Rachel Sarge

John B.’s van representing Outer Banks Season 1.

Killian Skocik, Staffer

The Outerbanks series was released in April 2020.. The show starts off with the main character, John B., thinking that his father’s death wasn’t an accident but that he was murdered. John B. and his friends from the wrong side of the track want  to figure it out. His friends and him are called the Pogues, they have been very close their whole lives. Their names are Sarah Cameron, Kiera Carrera, Pope Heyward, and JJ Maybank. 

In the first episode of the season, after a hurricane hits, John B. and his friends find a sunken ship. John B. found a clue and was convinced it has to do with his dad. So his friends and him go on a frantic search for answers. Through the season John B. begins the fall for Sarah and at one point he wants her to become part of the hunt for the gold. This ends up causing friction between him and his friends. 

 They keep on with the journey to find this lost gold. Meanwhile Sarah and John B. begin to get even closer causing her dad to become suspicious. Eventually John B. learns the real truth about his dad. This began to set off a range of events that jeopardize everything he and his friends have been fighting to accomplish. By the end of the season, John B. is looking for an exit plan and Sarah has a big decision to make. As the island fills with law enforcement, and a big tropical storm is brewing.  Will she stick with John B. or go back to  her father’s side?