Review: Snapchat Plus


Cardinal Chronicle

An illustration of the Snapchat ghost to represent Snapchat Plus.

Within recent years, many platforms have added an option to get additional features for a monthly fee. Many services have their own unique name to it, but manage to entice many users to purchase the subscription. One of these platforms is Snapchat, with the addition of Snapchat+

The subscription of Snapchat+ gives the users additional features on the app that you would normally not have access to. These features are essentially useless, yet people still go through with the idea of spending upwards of $40 per year on it. Some of the features include: being able to change your chats background image, see the recent locations of your friends, as well as seeing how many times people have replayed your story.

In my opinion, the price for these features are not worth it. They are a waste of money and provide the user with an experience that isn’t all that unique compared to the standard version of the app. The only thing that makes this subscription more “unique,” is that it allows you to essentially know what your friends are doing more efficiently, with the feature of seeing their previous locations and how much their snap score has changed since last checked. I believe that the target audience of such a subscription is for overly jealous teenagers that feel the need to be validated by others. The money could easily be spent on a candy bar and give you double the satisfaction.