“Love Sick” Don Toliver Album


Cardinal Chronical

Don Toliver released his brand new album “Love Sick” on February 23, 2023

Don Toliver is an American rapper and singer. He has released many popular songs over the past years. His latest album “Love Sick” was released on February 24, 2023. It is a 16 song, 52 minute and 50 second album.

The album was pretty anticipated among the people into his type of music, and I thought it lived up to the hype. His chill and upbeat type of rapping is different from many other pop culture artists. The songs in the album varied well between moods.For such a long album Don Toliver did very well to keep the listener interested in every song. Obviously just like any other album I liked some songs better than others. It was pretty clear which ones were my favorite.

The first song in the album was “LoveSickness”. It was a great song that hooked you into the rest of the album. It was a very upbeat song that put you in a good mood . It was very nice that he started the album off with a single and no feature. This song made you know what to expect from the rest of the album and is one of my favorites in the album. A little bit more of a chill song but still a great one was, “Time Heals All”. This was another single by Don and it was another great.

Don Toliver also released a deluxe version of the album which to be honest I think might be better. He released “Embarrassed” with Travis Scott which was another really good song. I am also a fan of Travis so it made the song a little better for me. I also liked “No Pole” and “Geronimo” which were both released on the deluxe version of the album. There were a few that were just posted on the deluxe version but for the most part all of the songs were the same.