Leading Causes of Teen Suicide


Eye Painting by Alyssa Zerbe.

Rachel Rossi, Staffer

Teen suicide is a concerning issue, it is the 3rd leading cause? Heart disease is the 1st and then Cancer is the 2nd.- There are so many situations that can stress teenagers out and just make them give up, especially as a teen. Every 40 seconds, someone dies in the United States from suicide. Almost everyone has, or will have, a story at some point in their life involving suicide. In 2017, the number of suicides in the United States exceeded the number of reported homicides at 47,173 to a mere 19,510.  (https://americanspcc.org/teen-suicide-facts/) Not only are the victims affected, but the people around them. The leading cause of teen suicide is bullying, either cyber bullying or school bullying. Abuse in the home of the teenager can most often establish a suicidal situation. If the teenager feels lonely and trapped they will refer to suicide to escape from the physical abuse and emotions they feel. Physical abuse is not the only type of abuse that may lead a teen towards suicide. Obviously there are many more factors for teen suicide: divorce of parents, feelings of worthlessness, rejection from family and friends, substance abuse, and deaths are other factors and reasons of why teenagers commit suicide. In many cases of suicide, teenagers will actually try to talk to someone about their problems. The young adult will show many signs and warnings before taking their lives. Most adults and teens never notice because they have no knowledge of all the signs and symptoms of suicide. Knowing these signs will help to prevent most suicidal cases. It is important to show the teenager whom has thoughts of suicide unconditional love and emotional support. Suicide should not be anyone’s solution for escaping their problems. 

Suicide is at it’s highest rate right know since 1986 at a stunning 43 thousand. There are many things that cause teens to take their life some of those things are Stress, Depression, Substance Abuse, and Biology. Females usually have less fatal attempts than males because males usually are more violent. Bully Victims are between 2 to 9 times more likley to attempt suicide than none bullied teenagers. Every year 1,104,825 people attempt suicide. 

If we want to prevent these tragedies from occurring we need to start in the classroom. Some signs to look for are a change in grades, personality change, withdrawal from friends and family and even a change in sleeping habits and eating habits. Those are only some of the warning signs every teen is different in hiding their pain.

In my interview with Officer Dissinger (SRO) he stated that he had a lot of experience as an officer and on a personal level. An officer has to where a lot of hats in a situation like that depending on the circumstance. In my interview with Mrs.Shelton, she said that if the team experienced a sucide, she would keep the team together and provide support if needed. However, she doesn’t think there is enough awareness at all in the school. In my interview with Mrs. Chuba ( Social Worker). In my interview with Mr. Gradewell he mentions that they insure there are enough supports in place for students, parents and staff to help with the process. In my interview with 9 techers only three think we have enough support for teenagers dealing with suicide.  

Bullying is a huge problem in schools across the Nation. There are six types of bullying that everyone should know about Sexual, Relational, Prejudicial, Verbal, Physical and Cyber bullying. 160,000 teens have tried or have skipped school because of getting bullied. Only 16% of students who are bullied will get help. In my interview with Mr. Gradwell he said that students who are bullied are afraid to speak out because they are afraid. There are six different types of bullying: Sexual, Relational aggression, Prejudicial, Verbal, Physical, and Cyber bullying. With all of the phones and technology teens have today, bullying on social media is on an up rise. Kids are using social media because they can hide behind screens and they don’t have to face their fears. Teens are afraid to speak out about getting bullied because they think it will make it worse. Bullying has a number of effects on the victims. Some victims experience chronic depression, Anxiety disorders, PTSD, Self- harm, Substance abuse, Trust issues and even at a higher risk of Suicidal thoughts. Adults who see students isolate themselves think it is depression but it could be actually bullying. Bullying is missed every day. Teens are killing themselves because of bullying. Bullying starts at home with parents, Uncles, Aunt’s and even cousins. Teens can experience bullying from family, students, and even their friends. How are bullies made? Bullies experience a trauma from an earlier life. 

Preventing bullying is a huge problem. One way we can prevent it though is to inform the district what to look for. If you see bullying stand up help the victim. Make a change. Stand up show the victim that your here to help. Don’t let them fight alone!