Double Trouble

Twins, Kase Wolfe and Kallie Wolfe, get their photo taken before the first day of school.

Ayden Ney, Staffer

Twins are often very close and have an unbreakable relationship. There is actually a type of twin that not many people have heard of, and they are called fraternal twins. For every 1 in 17 fraternal twins, the mother is a fraternal twin herself. Tayla Olt says, “Being a twin is fun, Tessa and I wear the same clothes and it makes it way easier when we go shopping.” As of 2013, twins accounted for about every 3 in 100 births in the United States (according to Tessa Olt says, “My favorite thing about being a twin is sharing clothes.” 

Josh Scheibley says, “ When we were kids, it was always nice to have Brandon there as a buddy to do things with. We did everything together from sports, hunting, fishing, and school work all the way through college. We always had a very close relationship and still do, but now as adults, we have started going our own ways. Brandon is married now and living on his own.”Josh and Brandon Scheibley graduated from Pine Grove in 2012, and are both Engineers. 

Often, with twins people get confused easily if they are identical twins. Kallie Wolfe says, “Kase and I fight alot over dumb things but I know at the end of the day he always has my back.” Identical twins have DNA that is 99.9% the same. Twins also have nearly identical brain wave patterns. Since identical twins come from the same egg, they’re always the same gender. So any boy/girl twins you know are, indeed, fraternal (according to