Pine Grove Halloween Parade

Meghan Sarge, Social Media Editor

This year’s Pine Grove Halloween Parade was filled with many members of the community, as every sidewalk from beginning to end was taken. The parade consisted of excitement, laughter, kindness, and faithfulness. As every float went from beginning to end, there were many little children, screaming happily with joy. As they saw the fire trucks go by and honk to them, their eyes lit up. Lindsay Strouphauer of Pine Grove says “It was beautiful weather and a great night for the parade. Family friendly especially for the little ones. The kids got so much candy we will still have candy next Halloween. The kids loved the musical floats and how everyone handed out candy instead of throwing it and of course they loved seeing Santa!” Lindsay and her children Hunter, Haylie, and Hayden will be eating and enjoying candy for a long time to come.

As many different people walked around by floats consisting of Prince, Santa Claus, dragons and more, you received a laugh from many people on the sidewalks. Many people also involved some way with the floats used their kindness to hand candy to little kids. People were faithful when candy was thrown onto the middle of the road and they got to get it before it got ran over. Some adults were more excited about getting candy then their children were. The Pine Grove Parade every year is an overwhelming amount of fun and brings happiness to everyone as we all come together for one night to enjoy the parade.

The parade this year consisted of Pine Grove students in sports such as soccer, volleyball, football, and cheerleading. Some other floats consisted of Rajah Shriners, Heidelberg Grass Band, Local Fire Trucks, Artists in Motion Performing Arts, Hatter’s Auto Body, West Schuylkill Therapy Service, Bonnie Kupp School of Baton and Dance and many more. Tisha Rittenbaugh of Pine Grove states “It was long with many pretty decorated floats but not as much candy.” Tisha was disappointed there wasn’t enough candy, as she wanted some for herself. As you got to sit and take in the beautiful parade, you got to smell all the amazing food nearby, you got to meet new people you didn’t even know were in the community, and you got to freeze! It was a cold one and when the parade had just ended, it started downpouring. This Pine Grove Halloween Parade will be one to remember and another memory to add to the books.