What It’s Like to be a Small Town Star


Hannah Reiter

Gabrielle Brown smiling on a summer day.

Hannah Reiter, Staffer

Coming from a small town, you don’t really hear of people “making it big.” However, one person in particular from the tiny town of Pine Grove has already appeared across billboards in Times Square in New York City.  Starting at the age of nine, Gabrielle Brown took an interest in modeling. “I loved having my mom take my picture and I loved doing all different kinds of poses!” said Gabrielle Brown. Not only was she interested in posing in front of the camera, many companies wanted her face in particular on their advertisements, websites, and commercials. Usually you hear of models, actresses, etc. coming from big cities like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, not from a small town with the population of just a little over 2,000. Somehow though, we have a fresh face that many younger kids look up to with bright eyes, not only looking at her career, but her caring heart, bubbly personality, and fun spirit.

Growing up, Gabrielle noticed that she really enjoyed getting her picture taken. Many people would comment on how photogenic she was just looking at simple pictures her mom took of her! The thought then came across that maybe she should start modeling! They began researching how to get started and how to even begin this wild career. Finally, she signed and landed her first job  with One Source Talent. It wasn’t huge, but it was a commercial for an Xbox 360.

One of Gabrielle’s biggest achievements is when she was picked to model for PS Aeropostale while she was in 7th and 8th grade. “I was so excited and am still so entirely grateful that I had that opportunity at such a young age,” said Gabrielle.  

Now, Gabrielle is 17 years old and has done hundreds of shoots, advertisements, and commercials. Gabrielle has invested a large amount of time into auditions for many different things, even though she may not always get the part or get picked. Since she does not always get picked, she had to learn the feeling of rejection the hard way, but now thinks of the positive part of it. So, even though she may have not gotten one part, that could leave open another door for an even better opportunity, which is what she always reminds herself!

Since Gabrielle is starting her senior year of high school at Pine Grove Area, she has started looking at what career path is best for her. Many people assume that Gabrielle wants to just be a model for her full time career, however that is not the case. She plans to apply to the University of Louisville and  earn a degree in marketing. Gabrielle thoroughly enjoys figuring out who will buy what items, as well as advertising to the best of her ability. While she waits to find out whether or not she will be accepted into her dream college, she will continue working hard in school, being involved in almost every activity, and doing what she loves most- modeling.