The Most Popular Elective Classes


Cardinal Chronicle

Mrs. Culbert, the culinary teacher, guiding Tanae Frey, sophomore, how to cut strawberries.

Levi Bettinger, Staffer

According to the PGAHS Guidance office, the two most popular electives are Culinary and Gym. It’s easy to understand why these classes are so popular, as Culinary can be useful in real life and Gym class is popular amongst those who are into sports.  

“I have seven total culinary classes and they are pretty much filled.” Says Mrs. Culbert, culinary teacher. “I think students want to take it because it’s different. It’s not like a math or science class, and food motivates them too. Being able to cook is also a valuable skill one should have,” she continues. 

James Gant, senior, says “It’s easier than other classes, and it’s a lot more fun, plus you get to eat food. So why not take Culinary?” Mrs Culbert can have up to 21 students per class, and with four Culinary I and three Culinary II classes, it’s definitely a popular choice.