Sweets On Halloween


Shyla Brown

A Bowl filled with different Halloween Candies

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Halloween is candy. Some people love chocolate, while others enjoy hard candy. When it comes to Halloween you never have to worry about not having enough candy, there’s always plenty to enjoy!

My personal favorite candy is any sour candy or chocolate. My favorite chocolate candy has to be a Snickers bar. I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but when a holiday comes around a Snickers is one of the few candies I enjoy. Warheads have to be my favorite sour/hard candy. I love sour candy, and these definitely are on the top of my list. They start off very sour but then shortly turn into a delicious hard candy. 

These have to be top on my list of favorite candies. I love having  a mix of sweet and sour candies that I can enjoy. The sweetness of a Snickers bar and the sourness of a Warhead is all I need in my Halloween basket.