Senior of the Month: Henry C. Andersen III


Mason Kroh

November 2021 Senior of the Month, Henry C. Andersen III.

Mason Kroh, Staffer

Each Senior of the Month was asked 7 questions…

1.How do you feel about being a senior?

-It feels like my whole school career went by in a matter of two seconds. All in all, it feels great and I can’t wait for what the next chapter of my life has in store for me.

2.How do you feel about being Senior of the Month?

-It feels really rewarding. I’m really glad that my attitude, hard work, and funny personality is being recognized by the teachers.

3.What do you want to do after you graduate?

-My plans are to attend Kutztown University as an undecided major and try to find and learn what my career interests are.

4.What piece of advice would you give to underclassmen?

-My advice for all the underclassmen is to just have fun. High School gives you a lot of freedom, so take advantage of it. Just cause any trouble.

5.Best memory of senior year so far?

-My favorite memory this year has to be visiting Zoo America with my friends from my AP Environmental Science class. We laughed a lot and even went to Red Robin afterwards!

6.Favorite thing to do outside of school?

-My favorite thing to do outside of school is to hangout with my friends. From playing video games with each other to playing basketball at a local basketball court, we try to have as much fun as possible.

7.Who is someone you look up to?

-I really look up to my father. My father will teach me what to do and what not to do for any circumstance we come across. He’s been a great role model to me ever since I was little.