Senior of the month: Kyla Wolfe


Logan Zimmerman

April 2022 Senior of the Month, Kyla Wolfe.

Levi Bettinger, News Editor

Each Senior of the Month was asked 7 questions…

1.How do you feel about being a senior? 

-Being a senior makes me feel excited and nervous for my future plans. I will miss my teachers and my peers that got me through my high school years. 

2.How do you feel about being Senior of the Month? 

-I feel honored that my teachers notice my hard work and dedication in my studies. 

3.What do you want to do after you graduate? 

-I would like to pursue a career in dental hygiene. 

4.What piece of advice would you give to underclassmen?

-Always strive to improve your grades and meet your goals. 

5.Best memory of senior year so far?  

-My senior Semi.

6.Favorite thing to do outside of school?

Spending time shopping with friends and being with my family. 

7.Who is someone you look up to? 

-I look up to my mom because she has taught me to try my best in everything I do and to treat others as I would want to be treated.