Alumnus: Wolff Helping to Create Carpenters


Nick Wolff

Allen Wolff, ’93 alumnus, teaches his students at STC North how to wrap a counter top.

Nick Wolff, Sports Editor

Allen Wolff, ’93 alumnus, is a Carpentry instructor at Schuylkill Technology Center: North. Once Wolff graduated he worked and learned under experienced contractors.   Then, he decided to go into business for himself as a general contractor for 12 years.   Looking toward his future, he decided that he wanted to become a teacher and that goal was achieved eight years ago. 

“Watching the kids’ expressions when they figure out how to complete a task and seeing how proud they are of themselves for their accomplishment…I liked the idea of teaching the next generation of construction workers and working with the kids. I also liked the fact that I knew that I would still be able to stay working during the summer months,”  said Wolff.  

Born and raised in Tremont he stayed in the town that helped him become the man he is today.  Wolff still lives in Tremont and decided to raise his family there. Allen enjoys seeing the younger generations flourish and is happy to be able to help them achieve their goals whatever they may be.