World of Guidance Evolves to Counseling Office


Jamiel Freed

Guidance councilor Mr. Shiffer on a business call. As well as typing up a storm on his computer. “A lot more on our plates then there used to be and its just the way society changed.”

The meaning of “the Guidance Office” has evolved since Covid-19. Schools are changing as new generations emerge and focusing more on mental health.

Mr. Shiffer, Counselor, explains “Guidance is more involved in a mental health piece than it was when I was in school.”

There is no doubt that counselors’ work has changed. Not only are they helping with college and career readiness, but they are helping students with programs to get what they need.

“More aware of mental health issues and discussing those problems as well as helping students push for college,” said Ms. Sattizahn, Counselor and ’14 alumna.

Some however do not agree that the guidance has changed and that the key concepts have been the same. “(Guidance Office) hasn’t changed much, they are supposed to be there for you whether it’s for college or mental health,” Aurora Lutz, ’04 alumna,Counseling Secretary, explained. Lutz continued, “End result is always a student coming in for mental health or college guidance and the counselors being there for the student.”