St.Lucia Vacation in Winter

Soufriere is a fishing town located on the West coast of St. Lucia. Many locks live here and it is popular for its fishermen. It used to be the capital of St. Lucia, which is now Castries.

I never knew I needed a vacation more until I landed in St. Lucia. My trip was filled with visiting many beaches with different types of sand. As long as seeing and driving on many types of mountains. On my trip, I experienced things like never before, like eating dinner on a beach or going to Sulphur Spring. St. Lucia is a volcanic island making its landscape very mountainous and filled with valleys. The island is more mountainous than other Caribbean islands. St. Lucia is also the only island in the world that is named after a woman. The island was named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse and was given by Spanish explorers in 1511. The island is a great vacation if you plan on doing and seeing many things. Although the vacation was busy, it was still relaxing on the many beaches. If I had the opportunity I would go back to St. Lucia again.