The Beat Goes On

The 1995-1996 PGAHS Cardinal Marching Band. Including, Michele (Schoffstall) Brown and Jen (Krause) Heming.

Shyla Brown, Opinion Editor

The Pine Grove Area Marching Band has seen multiple families/family members make their way through the program. The Band is known for their fun band shows and entertaining the crowd. “When people talk about our band, I want them to talk about a positive experience,” says Gibson. 

Mr. Gibson, the Director of the PGA Cardinal Marching Band, 1991 graduate of  Pine Grove Area and a former member of the band. “My senior year we had 10 students, including myself.  Over the next 6 years, I helped as an assistant, and the band grew into about 60 members,” said Gibson. When he eventually took over the band the band grew into the largest it has ever been with around 135 members. “Those students actually created the legacy.  They dictated over that time who we are and what we stand for. Of that, I am very proud.” 

Mr. Gibson has two children Cameron and Brandon. Cameron is a 2020 graduate of Pine Grove Area and a former member of the Trumpet Section. Brandon is in 8th grade and finished his first year as a member of the PGAHS Marching Band as a Bass Drum player, in the Percussion Section. 

Another former member of the band is Jen (Krause) Heming, a 2000 graduate of Pine Grove Area. She started her journey through the band program as a flute player  in 4th grade and became a member of the Marching Band as an 8th grader. “I loved being in band…I look forward to seeing Kamryn having the same great experiences in the program throughout 8-12 grades,” says Mrs. Heming. 

Kamryn Heming is the daughter of Heming. She is a member of the PGAMS band and a trumpet player.  Kamryn is planning on joining the Marching Band in 8th grade, “My mom always talks about how much fun she had, so I’m excited for it,” says Kamryn.  

Michele (Schoffstall) Brown is a 1996 graduate of Pine Grove and another former band member.  She played clarinet throughout elementary, middle, and high school. “I enjoyed being in it. It was some of the best times and memories I have of my high school years.I’m very proud that my kids also take an interest in music and I love watching them perform in the band,” said  Michele.

Michele has 4 children, 3 who are currently involved in the band program. Shyla (junior) plays Clarinet and is currently in her fourth year as a member of the Marching Band. She has been playing the clarinet for eight years. Seth (Freshman) is currently in his second year as a member of the high school band. Shaylynn (7th Grader) is planning on joining the Marching band next year in 8th grade. “I’m excited to become a part of the Marching Band just like my siblings are,” says Shaylynn. 

Over the years the Marching Band has upheld a legacy that takes dedication, enthusiasm, and effort to keep it going. “I am proud of the program and being a part of the legacy makes the pride even stronger,” says Mr. Gibson.