Seniors Focus on College Choices

Alexa Ziegler, senior, showcases her acceptance banner to Misericordia University.

It’s not an easy task choosing what college to attend. Some students throw around whether they even want to attend college or not. Depending on what major you’re looking for, it may be challenging to decide. You also have to look at their acceptance rates when applying. There are over 25,000 universities in the whole world. Students need to narrow down what colleges offer at their campus. Things like the courses and extracurricular activities.

“I decided based on the subjects I enjoyed in school and topics I found interesting, mainly forensics, and I chose the specific college I wanted to go to, Penn State, based on what I heard about it from my cousins Ty Lehman and Garret Lehman,” said Chase Lehman, senior.

Others looked for the curriculum of the school and which one had the best. Alexa Ziegler, senior, stated, “When deciding on a college, I’m looking for a college with the best curriculum for what to do after school.” The environment, location and tuition fees are also factors that play a part in choosing which college would be the best fit. “When choosing a college, I search for an environment that is comfortable and provides me with the best level of education to study for my future career,” said Christina Becher, senior.

There are many places that offer financial aid. Some colleges also give scholarships, but not every student has the opportunity for scholarships though. The cost of college plays a big part in why students can’t or won’t attend college. A lot of colleges cost more than others. If you want to attend a good college, there’s a good chance it will have a bigger price tag.