Day in the life of a Teachers Aid


Shyla Brown

Michele Brown working one on one with Matthew Zipp.

Being a teacher’s aid is a tougher job than it seems. Their day consists of helping multiple different teachers with class work and activities as well as providing an extra hand with helping students.

Michele Brown has been a teacher’s aid for the past four years. During her day, she helps the teachers with whatever they need. “I usually am working one on one with a kid or in small groups. I am a support for the teachers that I work with”, says Michele.

There are both good things as well as challenges that come with this particular job. With any job there’s always negative. The hardest part about the job is when a student is going through a hard time. “You get close to these kids and you want to be able to protect them from everything”, Brown says.

Although there can be stressful or overwhelming situation’s. This job has its many rewards. The kids. “They really have a special place in my heart and it’s very rewarding”, says Michele.