Alumni Spotlight: Lindsey Zimmerman

Logan Zimmerman, Staffer

Lindsey Zimmerman is a graduate of Pine Grove Area High School. Lindsey graduated as Valedictorian in her class of 2016. After being asked what made her work so hard to become number one in her class, she said, “I wanted to do it for myself.  Everyone believed in me and I knew I could get it done!” After graduating from high school, she attended Lebanon Valley College to major in accounting and a minor in Spanish. After her first two months of college she found her true passion. She dropped the minor in Spanish and worked as hard as she could full time on accounting. 

For the next four years of her life, Lindsey was devoted to studying to become the best CPA she could. When asked what she wanted to be after college she replied, “I want to become a CPA at a midsized company whose focus is taxes. Once I’m out of college and have a job I want to marry my high school sweetheart Donald Legarht.”  She will be graduating from LVC this December. “I wanted to become a CPA after my job shadow in high school. I went to my cousins accounting firm and for the day and we went to a client meeting together and worked on an audit. After that day, I knew I wanted to be an accountant.In college she also worked on two internships with two different companies. The first one she worked with was Simon Lever.  She originally wanted to work there after entering college because it was a younger core of people. Her second internship was with Walz Group, a firm located in Lancaster.  During that internship she felt at home. She said, “After my time working there was done, I realized that’s where I wanted to work. I wasn’t just a number to them and I was given responsibility right from the start.” That summer she went on a study abroad where she went to the Netherlands for 5 weeks. Once she came home from the trip she wanted to go back..  She said, “I would work in the Netherlands because it was such a relaxed culture. The only way I would move over there though is if Donald could come with (me).” She’s come a long from being Valedictorian but the hard work has finally paid off.