Newest Edition into Pine Grove History

Dalton Kintzel hit the achievement during the loss to Upper Dauphin.

Ayden Ney, Staffer

“This feat is incredible for me knowing that one of my best friends, Collin Luckenbill, has also reached his goal of 1000 yards for the year,” said Dalton Kintzel. Kintzel is the newest member of the 1000 yard, two games after, senior, Colin Luckenbill rushed for 1,000 yards himself. Kintzel hit this achievement during last Friday’s loss to Upper Dauphin. Even though the team lost, Kintzel and the team were still very proud hitting such a great achievement.This is the first time in Pine Grove history that there are two running backs in the 1,000 yards rushing clubs. Both Luckenbill and Kintzel will be put up onto the board down by the concession stand with their yardage total on the season.


 “I would like to thank Coach Frank Gaffney, the linemen, and the teammates that pushed me all season to achieve this goal. Hitting this has always been a dream of mine. I never thought I would be able to accomplish this in my high school career.” Kintzel has been on the team for three years and has only been close to hitting this milestone one time. Last year, Kintzel had around 950 yards rushing but Kintzel did not give up his dream. Coach Gaffney said, “Dalton achieving his season goal of 1,000 yard mark, is a great accomplishment. Dalton had a great off season and it showed. I am proud of his unselfishness attitude.“