Lady Cards Defeat Hurricanes in Cardinal Classic

Coach Kreitzer talking to the Lady Cardinals before the game.

Hallie Wolfe, Staffer

“The girls did well for the first game and they served strong. They had a hard time receiving serves which will have to be cleaned up, but for the start of the season they did well,” stated Coach Kreitzer. 

 Lady Cardinals Volleyball faced Schuylkill Haven on August 31st at 9:15am during their annual Cardinal Classic. The starting players were Emily Kopinetz, Maura Lehman, Alera Aungst, Megan Wolfe, Mackensie Koch, Abby Brown, and Devyn Biggs. The first point went to the Cardinals with a spike from Kopinetz. It didn’t take long for the Cardinals to build their lead with a score of 7-4. They keep the momentum going as Lehman  served 4 aces making the score 17-5. Schukill Haven then called for a timeout. After a failed return from Schuylkill Haven, the score was 18-6. There were a few failed returns and spikes from the Cardinals, but they kept their large lead throughout the whole first set. After an ace from Koch, the score was 23-7. The Cardinals won the first set, ending with a score of 25-8. 

The starting players from the second set were Alera Aungst, Elizabeth Leganza, Mckenna Schaffer, Kaylee Schaffer, Karlie Boyer and Abby Brown. The second set started off strong with an ace from Aungst putting the Cardinals in the lead with a score of 6-4. The score stayed neck in neck for the next few plays. With a spike from Schaffer and an ace from Boyer, the Cardinals got their lead back. The score was 9-7. With a few failed returns by the Cardinals the score as soon tied once again. The score was 10-10. The Cardinals once again got their lead back. With a failed return from Schuylkill Haven and a spike from Jaycee Lenick, the score was 12-11. The Cardinals kept their momentum going and they soon had a 20-15 lead on Schuylkill Haven. The Cardinals won the second set with a score of 25-15, winning the game. “We all played to our strengths,” Kaylee Schaffer stated. “We will work hard and improve where we need improvement, but I’m proud with how we played for our first game.” The Cardinals lost to Mahanoy in the semi finals in two sets. Nativity defeated Mahanoy during the championship round of the Cardinal Classic in three sets.