Lukenbauch Breaks 100m School Record


Sarah Warner

Viktorya Luckenbach, freshman, explodes out of the blocks in the 100m dash.

Brandon Unger, Staffer

The Cardinals defeated the Tamaqua Raiders in a track meet on Wednesday, March 30th. During her first ever track meet, Viktorya Luckenbach, freshman,  ran the 100 meter race. In her first ever time running the race she went on to break the school record for the event. Her time of 12.54 broke her aunt Nilitza Malave’s previous record of 12.65. 

“Breaking her (Malave’s) record for the 100 meters felt very accomplished and rewarding and made her very proud as well,” said Luckenbach.  Lukenbach also broke the 200 meters in the track meet on April 6th. Her time of 26.33 broke another one of Malave’s records. 

Scott Dimon, PGA Athletic Director states, “We were all excited to see how Viktorya’s speed on the soccer field would translate to the track.  It didn’t take her long to jump onto the local scene and begin her assault on the Pine Grove Area school record book.  The fact that she is breaking school records set by her aunt, Nilitza Malave, only adds to the story.  She will be a factor in every race she runs.  In addition to her individual events, she, along with Mikaili Donmoyer, Mia Jefferson and Abigail Frew, makes the 4X100 relay team a very competitive and record-breaking group.  We look forward to watching the progress of Viktorya and the entire track and field team throughout the season.”

Luckenbach is also a member of the girls 4×1 team. The team broke a school record last week. Breaking these records early in her track and field career is impressive. She has a lot of time to improve and plenty of records left to break.